Where Did the Time Go?

Yes, I know… I am terribly behind in writing.  But I promise my excuses are valid and quite possibly strong enough to sway you to forgive me.

At this point I must be running purely on adrenaline and excitement.  The past month has been chaotic and frenetic as our construction site quickly has taken the appearance of an almost finished home.  We are now mere weeks from completion and the move to the Lowcountry.  But after all the months of planning, I still find myself woefully ill-prepared for this.

Over the past seventeen years my 1940’s cottage has forced me to carefully choose what goes or stays in it.  Like most homes of that era its closets are small and storage is at a minimum.  As such, I firmly believed that I was aware of every item taking up residency here and where it could be found.  In my mind packing this home was going to be a breeze.  What I am realizing however is that I am apparently skillfully adept at storage solutions.  One itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny closet can render an entire room full of items requiring sorting and packing.  Things I have not laid eyes on in over a decade now vie for a spot in a box headed to South Carolina.

But it doesn’t stop there.  In addition to what we already owned are now a whole slew of new things that I simply could not resist purchasing for the house.  When eying these little pretties I gave no thought to the process of wrapping and packing and moving them.  I just wanted them – had to have them – I could go so far as to say I needed them.

But it doesn’t stop there.  I also have taken on several DIY projects to bring a personal touch to the new house.  I have been busily sewing slipcovers, pillows and such, as well as hand painting art pieces.  Because every woman with a small business and a full time job, who also must make frequent four hour road trips to check on a home build, while also preparing for an interstate move should definitely take on some DIY projects.

But it doesn’t stop there.  With all of this change and motion and energy, the creative juices have really been flowing.  I have had all sorts of fun ideas for the Beach Beggin’ product line that I could not just let go to the wayside.  No sir, I had to start some of those too.  (shameless plug:  Coming soon to our Etsy shop!)

So I plead with you, dear friends… on aching knees and outstretched arms which are covered in scratches and dried paint and hands pricked far too often by a sewing needle … forgive my tardiness.  Once this ride slows down a bit I will be much more punctual.