The Farmer's MarketFarmer’s Market season is here again, which explains the smile planted firmly on my face.  I love this time of year, when we’re able to get out in the fresh air and face to face with our community.  Being a market vendor may not always be easy, but it is always entertaining and vastly rewarding.

There is a rhythm to the process of setting up shop amongst the other vendors.  Cars are unloaded and quickly moved, while water cooler chats take place in our ‘office’ on the street.  Brightly colored tents are erected, side by side.  Tables are opened and dressed with the day’s goods —  shiny red tomatoes, golden local honey, green leaves and stems.  The market area hums to the sound of people in motion, yet is peaceful.  The smell of peaches, berries and baked goods waft past.  Banners are hung, crates are stacked, and final touches are added.  We are ready.

There is always a moment of fear for me.  Today no one will come.  Today the wind will attempt to carry away the tent.  Today a storm will brew and rain will soak me to the bone.  But these thoughts don’t stay for long.  “Positive thinking brings positive results” is a recurring motto at the market.

The first visitors to arrive are met with a barrage of “Good morning, how are you today” greetings from every tent.  As the day goes on, high attempts will be made to greet every guest in the same manner, but crowds and business transactions will prove it difficult.

The interaction with all the fine folks we meet makes this mobile store-in-a-tent lifestyle worth every minute.  Yes, it gets hot…and buggy…and windy….and rainy.  But it is never boring.  Shaking hands with new friends, catching up with old friends, and petting the sweet pups who come to visit – that’s a good day at work if you ask me.