Some Like It Hot

Summer…Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow?

The month of July, with all of its thirty-one days, flies by faster than you can say “summer”.  One minute it’s swimsuit covered tourists wandering our outdoor markets, and the next minute people are busy preparing for an early August return to school.  No wonder vacation rentals are booked solid during July– it’s the only full month of summer break now!  Gone are the days of the Memorial Day to Labor Day summer hiatus.  The only place that rule seems to remain is in network television.

July for us has been loads of fun, with houseguests and visitors, as well as meeting fantastic folks from all over the globe.  Summer at the beach is festive and happy, complete with after dark fireworks from the harbor and live music on every restaurant patio.  And watching a sunset game of beach volleyball while sipping a Frozen Alligator is not a bad way to end the day!  (If you’ve never had a Frozen Alligator, add it to your bucket list pronto!)

July has also been incredibly busy, as we have been participating in the wonderful weekly markets in Bluffton, Hilton Head, and Tybee Island, as well as other monthly markets and festivals!  We are enjoying every minute of it, and love hearing from pet owners how much their dogs love Beach Biscuit treats.  We can also proudly say that there are now pups in Scotland and France who are sporting Beach Beggin’ collars!  How cool is that?!

And July has been, dare I say, quite hot.  Some of you may remember a blog post from last year where I had vehemently declared to my husband that I love the heat and would never complain about it once we moved to the Lowcountry.  I went on to write that since we had not yet technically moved, I was free to divulge to all of you that it is in fact ungodly hot; making one suspect that Satan may have a summer home here.

Well now I do live here, and you will hear no complaints from me.  But to write about life in the Lowcountry and not speak of its summer temperatures is ignoring the sweating elephant in the room.  It’s simply a fact; it is hot here.  And humid.  And sticky.  And sweaty.  And honestly, I don’t hate it.  Sure it’s a bit uncomfortable at times.  But you know what is far less comfortable?  A 40mph wind driving cold rain at your face on a 17 degree day.  That is pure torture.  Hot and sunny?  That’s a day at the beach!  The only torturous part is that a Frozen Alligator isn’t considered a hydrating beverage.