With our Beach Biscuit GOTTA GO! Training Doorbells, it’s easy to train your pet to ring their bell when they need to go outside.  Beautiful woven jacquards on white 1″ width lightweight polypro strapping.  Over 30 designs to choose from to match your pet’s collar – or your home decor!

  • No more barking or scratching at the door
  • Great for dogs of all ages
  • Bells spaced at varying heights for pups of all sizes
  • Slips over doorknob and adjusts to stay in place
  • Lightweight and easy to “ring”
  • Eight silver bells create a pleasant sound letting you know your pet has GOTTA GO!

There are several ways to train your pets to use their training bells.  My favorite tried and true method is to hold their attention while shaking the bells, saying “Ring Go Out”, and opening the door, repeating multiple times (Shake bells, “Ring Go Out”, open door/close, shake bells, “Ring Go out”, open door/close).   Then gently guide your pet to poke at/ring the bells with their nose or paw asking them to “Ring Go Out”.  Each time they do so, open the door (don’t let them out just yet!).  If your pet doesn’t pick up the training immediately, simply shake the bells any time before opening the door and say “Ring Go Out” over the next several days.   I’ve used this method many times with young and old pups, and in no time bells were ringing – usually on day one.