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Chocolate Dreams and Disasters

It’s around this time each year that I am reminded of just how catastrophically bad I can be in the kitchen. Yes, every day I mix, and roll, and painstakingly hand cut Beach Biscuit dog treats.  And yes, dogs love them.  And yes, many dogs will now eat no other treats but the ones I […]

Falling for Summer

September in the Lowcountry is like a mystery novel, full of twists and turns.  Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, a surprise ending comes out of nowhere!  The month started with hot summer temperatures and the Labor Day holiday spent in the pool with our visiting friends.  Then, in the blink of […]

Some Like It Hot

The month of July, with all of its thirty-one days, flies by faster than you can say “summer”.  One minute it’s swimsuit covered tourists wandering our outdoor markets, and the next minute people are busy preparing for an early August return to school.  No wonder vacation rentals are booked solid during July– it’s the only full month […]

It’s not you, It’s Me…

I’ve been on the road a lot lately, traveling the miles between our new home and our old home. Loose ends, such as an unsold house, have turned this homebody into a nomad. The car is racking up the miles, and I’ve been racking up the tears! I truly could not have predicted how emotional […]

Where Did the Time Go?

Yes, I know… I am terribly behind in writing.  But I promise my excuses are valid and quite possibly strong enough to sway you to forgive me. At this point I must be running purely on adrenaline and excitement.  The past month has been chaotic and frenetic as our construction site quickly has taken the […]

A Place Called Avalon

I’m not sure how or when it began, but chances are if a home is located on the coast it has a name.  Simply calling a dwelling “the house” will not do.  A coastal home must be given a proper, clever moniker for which it will be referred forever more.  And I must admit, I […]

Home Sweet Home

 Nostalgia has been creeping into my psyche lately.  In the wake of a house under construction and impending interstate move, I find myself reminiscing about the places I have called home.  Although I feel it’s best not to live in the past, I believe that understanding where you’ve been is beneficial in understanding where you […]

The Paris Plage

Paris has a beach. I am sure anyone with any semblance of geography knowledge or access to a map is now calling me crazy. Skeptic:  Ce n’est pas possible!  (That is not possible!) Me:   Mais oui, c’est possible!  (But yes, it is possible!) Paris does have a beach… if for only four weeks out of the year.  […]

The Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market season is here again, which explains the smile planted firmly on my face.  I love this time of year, when we’re able to get out in the fresh air and face to face with our community.  Being a market vendor may not always be easy, but it is always entertaining and vastly rewarding. There […]

Phosphates, Acetates, Hydrogenated, YUM?

At my local grocery market this morning, I perused the cereal aisle for a healthy, grab-n-go breakfast snack.  The options were endless – fruit and fiber, granola and yogurt, even chocolate and caramel.  I opted for a granola bar with a nutritious sounding name and produced by a very reputable food company.  As an added […]