Brewster & Bella’s Big Adventures

Hi everybody; Brewster and Bella here!  We had an awesome vacation in Florida and couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!  Mom and Dad rented a house for us with lots of cool stuff to see and do.  One of our favorites was patrolling this dock together every day. We loved checking the water for signs of activity. A dolphin […]

Chocolate Dreams and Disasters

It’s around this time each year that I am reminded of just how catastrophically bad I can be in the kitchen. Yes, every day I mix, and roll, and painstakingly hand cut Beach Biscuit dog treats.  And yes, dogs love them.  And yes, many dogs will now eat no other treats but the ones I […]

Merry & Bright

Before finally moving to the Lowcountry, we hit the road to visit it more times than I can count.  Any time we could get away we immediately headed to the land of Spanish moss.  We were here so often we were considered “locals” by some establishments!  No holiday was off-limits, including Christmas.  Many years our […]

Gone Fishin’

October got away from me in a hurry!  Fall Festival season kicked into overdrive, and I participated in so many I finally gave up unloading the car after each event.  Pair that with a revolving door of house guests, and you could say we’ve been busier than ants at a picnic.  But I am not […]

Falling for Summer

September in the Lowcountry is like a mystery novel, full of twists and turns.  Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, a surprise ending comes out of nowhere!  The month started with hot summer temperatures and the Labor Day holiday spent in the pool with our visiting friends.  Then, in the blink of […]

Weather…or Not

If you’ve been following the adventures of Beach Beggin’ on our Facebook page, you have probably seen numerous photos from our farmer’s markets and other Lowcountry locations.  These scenes often include blue skies, tropical flora, and a killer water view.  And if you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself marveling at just how lovely the weather […]

Some Like It Hot

The month of July, with all of its thirty-one days, flies by faster than you can say “summer”.  One minute it’s swimsuit covered tourists wandering our outdoor markets, and the next minute people are busy preparing for an early August return to school.  No wonder vacation rentals are booked solid during July– it’s the only full month […]

This Magic Moment

I have finally managed to string together consecutive minutes to focus on this month’s blog!   Carving out the time for reflection and writing has proven difficult.  It is, after all, summer at the beach!  School’s out, the weather is hot, and folks are here to play.  The markets we participate in are hopping; filled with loads […]

An Affair to Remember

The idea of Think Globally, Act Locally is hard at work here in the lowcountry.  Great emphasis is placed on preserving and protecting our wildlife and coastal habitats, and many of our residents are actively involved.  But for some, the call to Act Globally is too strong to ignore.  Such is the case for Diane Kaufman, owner of Mermaid Cottages in […]