Welcome to Beach Biscuit®, our family business in the beautiful South Carolina lowcountry.   Our passion is pets – and our desire to give them unique and truly great looking collars is where we began.   We hand craft our products and ship direct from our SC workshop to you.  Our emphasis on quality, style and comfort sets Beach Biscuit® apart from the mass-produced collars sold in most big-box stores.  It’s a labor of love, and our team would not have it any other way.   Made for Pets.  Made with Love.  Made in the USA.

Melissa Christian – Owner & dog mom
Bluffton, SC – Lowcountry USA

Beach Biscuit® is a Registered Trademark



Beach Biscuit® products are beautifully crafted using superior quality hardware & nylon.  We use the strongest contoured side release YKK buckles; and heavy welded nickel plated steel rings.  Our strapping is heavy duty rated, yet is soft, comfortable, and won’t irritate sensitive skin.  We triple stitch all stress points, and our signature finishing process leaves no rough collar edges that could rub your pup’s skin.  D-rings are placed away from the clasp so there’s no annoying hardware noise.   Designer ribbons in both woven jacquard and colorful printed grosgrain are stylish and fun.  And we don’t use your pet as free advertising by sticking a label right on top of the design.  Our label is discreetly placed on the underside…. where we think a label should be.
*Please Measure your dog’s neck for correct size prior to ordering to avoid exchanges
*Care instructions:  Soak in warm soapy water, or place in a wash bag for gentle machine washing. Hang Dry.
*Ribbon can be sensitive to harsh use; such as biting, chewing, nail scratching and can fray under these conditions.
*Do not use our products for tie-outs….. better yet, don’t tie your pet up outside. It’s not very nice.



Our mission at Beach Biscuit® is to create products in an environmentally responsible manner.  Our washable collars are made using the highest quality hardware, extending the life of our products.  Should your pet outgrow their collar or simply require a change, you may send the hardware back to us to use in the creation of their new collar.

Our in-house crafting processes are streamlined to ensure minimal waste, and we place an emphasis on recycling everything possible – and we mean everything!  From empty thread spools, to ribbon reels, paper, hardware packaging…even the thin strips that cover the glue on our recyclable mailers.  Basically, if something is recyclable, we recycle it.  We upcycle all received shipping boxes and may send orders in boxes from other retailers.  We believe these small acts can make a big difference to future generations of wonderful pets and their loving humans.



Local Life “2022 Crafted In the Lowcountry” Award for Style  September 2022

Local Life “Awesome Accessories for your Best Friend Aug 2021

Local Life “Crafted in the Lowcountry Gift Guide” 2020

South Carolina Innovation Hub July 2020 https://scribblesc.com/blog/beachbiscuit

Local Life “Best Dressed Pet” October 2019

Hilton Head Monthly Entrepreneurs  August 2016 http://www.hiltonheadmonthly.com/business/business-profiles/3552-bluffton-entrepreneur-combines-love-of-pets-beach

February 19, 2019

I struggled with whether I should make a public statement about a very personal matter.  But when I saw the below statistics, I knew I had to use the forum I’ve been given if it can help even one of the thousands who follow us.

*In the US appx 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
*As of January 2019 there are more than 3.1 million women in the US with a prior or current breast cancer
*About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer.
*In 2019, an estimated 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 62,930 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.
*On average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide.

I must admit, I was not truly aware of these breast cancer statistics. But as of a few weeks ago I became one of these numbers when a tiny spot was found on a routine mammogram.

I must admit, I did not understand that there are different types of breast cancer. But as of a few weeks ago I found that I have a less common type called Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). A cancer I had never heard of, but now know it most commonly affects younger women.

I must admit, I did not know that a woman dies every 13 minutes from breast cancer worldwide. But as of a few weeks ago that staggering fact became my greatest fear.

I have every intention of being a SURVIVOR statistic. And I will owe a part of that success to a routine mammogram that found my cancer early. Please, Please, PLEASE get your mammograms! Don’t put it off. Don’t think “it won’t happen to me”. It’s one easy step that may save your life. Your family, friends and fur babies need you. And my staff and I will be right here, creating awesome Beach Biscuit gear for your sweet pets for years and years to come.

Thank you for listening. Now let’s get back to the beach!

The original beach biscuits, Bella & Brewster